These 5 tips will help you improve the performance of your car batteries.

car batteries

1/ Use rhymes with traffic

A car battery that is not used will discharge. An accumulation of lead sulfate on the plates will prevent the current from flowing. Because of this, the capacity of the battery and the cold starting power will drop. To prevent this, there are charge maintenance devices that keep the battery running and thus prevent sulphation.

car batteries

2/ The cleanliness of your car batteries

A battery should be kept clean and dry. To reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge, wipe the surface of the battery with an antistatic cloth. Moisture in the cabin will cause a current leak, which will consume a lot of energy. Do not use battery regenerators.

car batteries

3/ Face the cold safely

When it’s cold, the battery’s starting capacity drops. To ensure good starting power, you should turn on energy-consuming equipment (such as the air conditioner or heater) only after the engine is running. Don’t forget to turn them off before you turn off the engine.

How to read a car battery label ?

how to read a battery label
car batteries

4/ Additional charge for your car batteries

Cars require more energy in winter over shorter distances than the generators generate and regenerate. The battery is constantly discharging. The acquisition of an additional external recharge is recommended before the first frost.

car batteries

5/ If the car hibernates

If you store your car for the winter, keep the battery in a cool, dry place (but not frozen). If the quiescent voltage reaches 12.5 V, recharge the battery immediately. The way to do this is to charge the battery regularly and to maintain the charge in seasonal vehicles with a battery charger.

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