Shock absorbers PRINZ OE-TECH™

PRINZ® OE-TECH™ shock absorbers are equipped with the latest technology to provide near-instantaneous responsiveness to changing road and driving conditions. PRINZ® OE-TECH™ shock absorbers provide a more consistent ride and handling capability, giving the driver more control and stability in all conditions.

A complete range of shock absorbers

Amortisseurs Premium Suspension

Gas Shock Absorber

Amortisseur hydrolique

Oil Shock Absorber

Amortisseur PL

Truck Shock Absorber

Garantie Amortisseur

Maximum stability

PRINZ® OE-TECH™ shock absorbers offer outstanding stability and handling, increase your precision and improve steering control. PRINZ® OE-TECH™ shock absorbers also help reduce braking distances

Optimal product protection

Nothing is left to chance, our products are protected by high quality packaging and wrapping in order to resist the different phases of transport and the various manipulations that take place in the logistic chain.