PRINZ power automotive battery

Produced in Europe, PRINZ® POWER automotive batteries are designed to provide the best level of power and longevity for each type of car. A range adapted to each use, whether you are looking for starter batteries for standard or advanced applications.

A complete range of batteries

Asian car battery

Asian vehicle batteries

Battery developed specifically for Japanese and Korean vehicles, available in the most common sizes and capacities. Calcium technology and maintenance free, PRINZ® Power batteries are compliant with the specificities of Asian vehicles such as Toyota, Hyundai or Kia.

European vehicle batteries

European vehicle batteries

Started batteries free maintenance are produced in Europe according to the most advanced technologies, available in different sizes and capacities, in accordance with the requirements of the models of vehicles manufactured in Europe such as the Peugeot, Renault, Citroën range …

Heavy duty car battery

Heavy-duty batteries

PRINZ® Power Batteries for trucks, vans and buses, ideal to meet the new requirements, adapted to the more and more growing needs of heavy vehicles such as end-of-rail mounting or the evolution of electronics equipment.

Anatomy of a PRINZ power battery

Couches batteries automobile

FFD positive grid

  • Minimizes short circuits
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Optimized electrical flow
  • Highly resistant to vibration

Polyester membrane


Centered connectors

  • Optimized design
  • Central position to avoid breakage due to vibration
  • High quality materials

Magic Eye

  • Quick check of the electrolyte level.
  • Battery charge level on the cell.

Safety cover

  • Flame arrestor for safety
  • Total isolation by sealing
  • Ergonomic for transport


  • Studied industrial design
  • Highly shock and vibration resistant materials

Certified origin

100% made in Europe

FFD Technology

Full Frame Design

ISO factory

OE Quality

Longer life



100% MF

Maintenance free


The precise design of the grid according to our Full Frame Design technology, combined with the use of highly resistant materials provide:

  • A great prevention against corrosion
  • Longer service life
  • High performance tested under different conditions.
Grille positive batterie

High-tech factories

All our plants comply with the international ISO 9001 (Production Quality Assurance) standards, the environmental standards of ISO 14001 activities, and the specific requirements of the Automotive Industry (ISO/TS 16949).

Usine batterie automobile prinz
Usine batterie automobile prinz
Usine batterie automobile prinz
Usine batterie automobile prinz


Permanent stock

Usine batterie automobile prinz
Usine batterie automobile prinz
Usine batterie automobile prinz